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St Finbar our Patron

St Finbar's History
Icon of St Finbar. Learn more about the ‘Symbols of St Finbar’s’ here. Photography: Peter McMahon

The patron saint of our Parish is St Finbar (Finbarr) whose feast is celebrated on 25 September.

Finbar's birth is given as 570AD and Muskerry, Cork, Ireland given as the birthplace.

The country at this time was undergoing great expansion, especially of Christian churches and monasteries. Finbar founded the See of Cork and as a result was made a Bishop.

Finbar worked hard among the people to spread the faith.

It is thought that St Finbar began his monastic life on a little island in the lake of Gougane Barra.

As well as a monastery, Finbar established a "great school of learning" which continues even to this day.

St Finbar died in 630AD and he is buried within the enclosure of the monastery he established.

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