St Finbar's Glenbrook Parish


Preparing for Baptism

Prior to organizing any Baptism you firstly need to make contact with  the Baptism Co-ordinator, Juliana Khnouf. Email her at or phone her on 02 4739 8928 (business hours only please) to make an appointment for your child’s Baptism and to make sure you meet the normal requirements for Baptism.

There are two essential parts to Baptism:

1. The Parent Preparation Evening

The Parent Preparation Evening takes place in the Parish Meeting Room and then in the Church at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of the month of your child’s Baptism. Here you will learn about the meaning and importance of this Sacrament, what you need to say and do at the ceremony, and when to sit, stand and move in the church during the ceremony. You will also meet other parents whose children are being baptized on the same day as your child.

2. The Baptism Ceremony

Baptism is normally celebrated on the second and the fourth Sundays every month at St Finbar’s.

The Baptism ceremony takes place at 11am and will last for about 40 minutes.  

On the fourth Sunday of the month there is also an opportunity for your child to be baptized during the 9:30am Mass, but you need to arrange this in advance.

If you would like to discuss any of the above matters, you need to contact the Baptism Co-ordinator on 02 4739 8928 (business hours only).

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