St Finbar's Glenbrook Parish

Masses & Reconcilation

Normal Mass Times

(Check Bulletin for variations each week)

Sunday Masses: 

Vigil - 5.30pm Saturday evening

7.30am & 9.30am Sunday morning 

6pm Family/Youth - First and Third Sunday evenings (except Jan)


Weekday Masses: 

Monday   -     9am

Tuesday   -    9am

Wednesday - 8am

Thursday   -   9am (except third Thursday - see Anointing Mass)

Friday     -      9am

Saturday   -   9am  


Anointing Mass
Usually third Thursday of the month at 10am (except January)



Saturday evening - 4.45 -5.15pm, or any time on request


Rosary in Honour of Our Lady

Usually after Wednesday morning Mass.


Adoration & Benediction

Usually after Friday morning Mass.