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Uniting or Dividing? Christians and Muslims in our Globalised World


Wednesday 2 December 2015

Are Muslims and Christians working towards uniting humanity or are they directly or indirectly causing more division? Can they work together to address contemporary issues of global magnitude? How can the ideals of interfaith dialogue transform the on-the-ground reality of relations between Christians and Muslims around the globe and particularly in multi-faith Australia?

Keynote speaker: Prof John Esposito, Director, Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations, Georgetown University in the US. 

Respondent: Assoc Prof Mehmet Ozalp, Executive Director, Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia, Head of School, Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation, Charles Sturt University. Muslims and Christians make up more than 50% of the world’s population. How they relate to one another is pivotal in establishing and maintaining world peace. 

This event is organised by Australian Catholic University (ACU), Columban Mission Institute, Archdiocese of Sydney, Diocese of Broken Bay, ISRA Australia and Affinity Intercultural Foundation. 

From 7.30pm-9pm in the Gleeson Auditorium, ACU, 25A Barker Road, Strathfield. Cost: $20. 

To register tel (02) 9649 9040, 

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Tel: (02) 9649 9040

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