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Bishop Anthony’s Blog: Departing Rome - A Final Reflection


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The Delivery of the Keys by Pietro Perugino. (Source WIKI: Public Domain)

From Bishop Anthony’s John Paul II & John XXIII Canonisation Blog

Perhaps Jesus’ most touching encounter with the first pope was after his Resurrection. As Jesus had predicted, Peter had three times denied knowing him. Now Jesus requires him three times to profess his love. Peter does so immediately. Rather than reminding him about his failures Jesus presses him about what he will do next, do now, do instead.

At first Peter doesn’t understand what this is all about, but Jesus gives him intimations about his future & about the future of the Petrine office. You will lead the Church in difficult times, He warns. You will be led where you’d rather not go. You will suffer in the process. You will spend yourself completely for God & the Church.

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