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Caring for those who cared for us: Fr Lou Breslan


Bishop’s Father’s Day Appeal for Retired & Sick Priests

Catholic Outlook September 2014: Fr Lou Breslan
Fr Lou Breslan enjoys a visit from Bev Hackett, Clergy Healthcare Co-ordinator. Photography: Alfred Boudib

Catholic Outlook September 2014

This month’s Father’s Day Appeal for Retired and Sick Priests is an opportunity to acknowledge the selfless ministry of our much-loved priests.

The appeal will be held on the weekend of 6-7 September 2014 with all donations going to the Diocese of Parramatta Clergy Support Foundation. The foundation provides assistance to diocesan priests who have retired or who are in ill-health.

This support can include assistance in transitioning to and living in retirement, accommodation and associated repairs and maintenance, medical and dental expenses, and nursing home and assisted care for frail priests.

Ordained to the priesthood in 1948 at Carlow in Ireland, Fr Lou Breslan is enjoying retirement at Rosary Village after more than 50 years as a diocesan priest and naval chaplain.

Fr Lou retired from full-time ministry in 2009 after nearly 30 years as the parish priest of St Patrick’s Parish at Guildford.

The young Lou grew up on a farm where he was the eldest of 10 children in a poor Catholic family. “We were very poor and took nothing for granted,” he said. “We cycled nine miles to school each day.”

He first considered a vocation to the priesthood as a boy. “There was my uncle James who was a priest. He was an example to me as were the other priests in the local parish.”

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Your tax-deductible donation to the Bishop’s Father’s Day Appeal for Retired and Sick Priests on 6-7 September 2014 will assist 25 retired clergy, including 2 bishops, 21 priests and two deacons. To make a contribution, pick up an envelope from your parish or donate online through the Clergy Support Foundation

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