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“Pope Francis brings fresh energy and a renewed spirit to a Church that faces challenging but promising times.” Photo: Fr Ariel Beramendi (Intermirifica)

From the Faith in Our Future Blog of Diocesan Pastoral Planning Officer Daniel Ang

On 21 March, I spent the morning with the parish secretaries of the Diocese, sharing with them the emerging vision of our Diocesan Pastoral Plan, Faith in Our Future.

It is certainly a new and exciting time for our Church with the recent election of Pope Francis as our new Bishop of Rome, our new pope. Even in these early days, Pope Francis has brought fresh energy and a renewed spirit to a Church that faces challenging, but also promising, times. It is with that same sense of renewal and Spirit-led possibility that we have been hard at work developing a Pastoral Plan for the people of God here in Parramatta.

I was in touch with many of you in 2012 as we launched our diocesan-wide consultation process. We travelled around the Diocese over eight months and held 29 consultation events for our 49 parish communities. Around 2,000 people took part in these and the contributions from our lay people were both passionate and thoughtful. Our people also took part in the process by making online submissions to our website. This is where we have been.

We are presently in the final stage of our pastoral planning process, developing recommendations with our agencies and for our parish communities as well. We are very conscious of your role as parish secretaries of our Diocese, an integral, indispensable ministry in community life. Without your giftedness and practical know-how, our communities would not flourish as they do and so we need to let you know what is happening and also seek your wise advice.

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