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Family Synod 2014 Survey: an invitation from Bishop Anthony


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An invitation from the Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP, to participate in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta’s survey for the Extraordinary Synod on the Family 2014

My Dear Sisters and Brothers,

You may have heard that Pope Francis has called for an Extraordinary Synod (meeting of Bishops) to consider the Pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelisation. This Synod will be held in Rome in October 2014.

On behalf of the Pope, the Vatican has asked every Bishop around the world to consult within his Diocese and ensure input to this Synod is received from as many members of the Church as possible.

I ask you, therefore, prayerfully and purposefully to consider the questions prepared by the Vatican. It is important that we respond to these questions after a suitable time in prayer so that our responses may be guided by the Holy Spirit and will properly inform me, the Holy See, the Synod and, ultimately, His Holiness.

This is an opportunity for the entire Church, united under Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit, to respond to the changing times we live in. The areas we are asked to consider include:

  • The Church’s teaching on the family;
  • Marriage;
  • The family in the context of evangelisation;
  • Pastoral care in difficult marital situations;
  • Same sex unions;
  • Education of children in irregular marriages;
  • Openness to children; and
  • The relationship between the family and the person.

As you can see, there is a reasonably broad range of areas where input is being sought. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to respond to every area or even every question in every area. You might like to respond to a few questions in some level of detail rather than short one-sentence responses to all questions.

In addition, while you are free to submit an anonymous response you may provide your name and contact details if you wish. If you have any questions about the survey please send an email to 

Submissions close on Friday 6 December 2013.

Yours sincerely in Christ the Bridegroom of the Church,

(Most Rev) Anthony Fisher OP

Bishop of Parramatta

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