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Mamre House – a new chapter begins


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Mamre House News Story
Penrith Mayor Cr Ross Fowler, Catholic Diocese of Parramatta Administrator Fr Peter Williams, Sisters of Mercy Congregation Vicar Sister Mary-Louise Petro and CatholicCare Social Services - Diocese of Parramatta Executive Director John Kelly. Photo by Franklin Konaraki Photography

The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta are pleased to announce a new chapter in the life of historic Mamre House, with Mamre now being integrated into CatholicCare Social Services.

Exciting plans for the future use and protection of the property were announced at a special celebration event on Tuesday 18 November.

The legacy of the Parramatta Sisters of Mercy at the historic Mamre House, built during Australia’s colonial era, will house a range of CatholicCare services to benefit the people of St Marys and Western Sydney. The accompanying 200 acres of land is rich in biodiversity and will be a focal point for the Church’s commitment to protecting our environment and supporting sustainability.

The Mamre ministry began nearly 30 years ago when youth unemployment was at an all-time high. The Sisters of Mercy Parramatta turned the nearly derelict former home of Samuel Marsden into an essential part of the community, with training and support for disadvantaged young people in the Western Suburbs.

During the celebration, Fr Peter Williams, the recently appointed Administrator of the Diocese of Parramatta, paid tribute to the long history and legacy of the work done by Sister Mary-Louise Petro RSM, Sister Joyce Vella and all their dedicated staff and leadership. Fr Peter highlighted their committed service and ministry in building the unique and effective range of services that represents Mamre House today.

Mamre House News Story
Sr Janet Woods with Catholic Diocese of Parramatta Administrator Fr Peter Williams. Photo by Franklin Konaraki Photography

Councillor Ross Fowler, Mayor of Penrith City also attended the celebration and said of Mamre: It’s a place where diversity is embraced and celebrated and where people come to build skills and confidence. Most importantly, Mamre House offers hope and healing. I look forward to the ongoing custodianship by CatholicCare Social Services in continuing the caring traditions of the Sisters of Mercy.”

Sisters of Mercy Congregation Vicar Sister Mary-Louise said the continued growth of Mamre is essential.

“Mamre plays such an important role in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged in Western Sydney and it’s essential that its survival is assured,” Sister Mary-Louise said.

For close to 30 years the Sisters of Mercy and the Mamre board have run a wide range of educational and training programs to help youth, people with a disability and refugees. On behalf of Mamre and our community I’d like to thank everyone involved for the positive difference you have made to so many lives.

We have determined that CatholicCare Social Services Parramatta is closely aligned with the values of Mamre and are now proud to announce that talks have reached a positive conclusion.

Mamre House News Story
Photo: Sisters of Mercy Parramatta

Mamre will keep its name, and will now be fully integrated into CatholicCare Social Services. 

Sister Mary-Louise said she is grateful to have been part of Mamre’s past and also of protecting its future.

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Western Weekender News Story, 14 November
(Digital edition: Page 26)

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