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Catholic Outlook May 2015: DWF Appeal
The heritage-listed homestead Mamre House at Orchard Hills.

Originally published in Catholic Outlook May 2015

Mamre House is a heritage-listed homestead at Orchard Hills that was built by Rev Samuel Marsden, who gave the property its name.

The Mamre House project commenced in 1986 and was an initiative of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, with a vision to be ‘A place of promise where individuals are enabled to realise their potential and contribute to the community’.

In December 2014, CatholicCare Social Services, Diocese of Parramatta assumed the responsibility and management of Mamre.

Mamre House has undertaken a number of programs which include:

  • Providing English classes for refugees;
  • Providing childcare for participants in the English language classes;
  • Other support and education for refugees and their families, including citizenship classes and swimming classes;
  • Providing a day support for people with a disability;
  • Providing supported employment for people with a disability who help work the Mamre property and gardens, the nursery and the farm;
  • Two garden crews also work out of Mamre to provide garden services to individuals and organisations.
Catholic Outlook May 2015: DWF Appeal
Mamre House & Farm brand produce.

In addition, Mamre provides a variety of community work including community gardens, a life-skills cooking program and Global Gifts.

All sales of Mamre House & Farm brand produce support our ongoing work with youth, refugees and people with disabilities. Orders: 

Mamre is also offering a Certificate II in Horticulture.

Your donations to the Faith at Work DWF Appeal
will help to continue the work of Mamre House
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