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Our Lady of the Angels Parish: building up the Body of Christ


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An artist’s impression of the interior of Our Lady of the Angels Church, designed by De Angelis Taylor & Associates PL.

From Catholic Outlook February 2014

By Virginia Knight

Construction of the long-awaited church at Our Lady of the Angels Parish, Rouse Hill, is now well under way. After initially breaking ground on 8 December 2012 with a blessing by Bishop Anthony Fisher OP, an old stone from an original wall of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Parramatta laid the foundation for a process that gathered momentum in July 2013.

Parish Priest Fr Warren Edwards said that after so many delays it was good to see the outline of the church in the ground, as the concrete piers and foundational brickwork take shape.

“Watching it rise up out of the ground has given us a new lease on life and it feels like we can finally see progress,” he said. “We have been praying for it for so long.”

Established first as a parochial district in 2007, Our Lady of the Angels is the newest parish in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta. As its first parish priest, Fr Warren set about the challenging task of building a church and school community from scratch in a new suburb.

Initially, Mass was celebrated once a week on Sunday morning at St Gregory’s Armenian School hall. In 2009, the demand for services saw the placement of a temporary church in a demountable building on the present site.

Today, about 1000 worshippers attend four Masses each weekend.

The new church, which is in a modern Romanesque style, will comfortably seat 500. It has been designed by De Angelis Taylor & Associates PL in conjunction with a church building committee, which sought an iconic church, one which the people of the wider Rouse Hill community would be proud.

Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

Fr Warren believes both the artworks within and the architecture will be uplifting. “The parish here is formed, the people who gather here are the real bricks and mortar,” he said. “Building up that community has been crucial to the success of our parish.

“Now we are building a space to be proud of, to celebrate our sacraments in and to show visitors what we have done for the glory of God. It will be a sign to the local population and visitors that Christianity is still very present and very relevant, perhaps more so than ever.”

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