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Faith in Our Future Blog News Story
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From the Faith in Our Future Blog of Pastoral Planning Office Director Daniel Ang

Faith in Our Future Blog News Story

Dear friends,

On the weekend of the 22-23 February, Faith in Our Future was launched across our Diocese in our parishes, among our migrant communities and schools.

Thank you for the tremendous response to the release of our Pastoral Plan, the positive feedback to our new look website ( and the commitment of both clergy and parishioners to rethinking the ways and means of evangelisation in their local communities of faith!

Containing almost 100 ideas for parish renewal and containing announcements about future directions for our Diocese, Faith in Our Future has already been taken up by numerous parishes in planning for their ministries, groups and evangelisation in the wider community.

If your community has not yet started using the plan or is looking for support or guidance, contact our Pastoral Planning Office directly at

There has also been considerable interest in our planning process in other Australian dioceses, including from parish priests outside of our Diocese who plan to use the Parramatta document as the basis of pastoral life in their local communities. The Spirit and the Bride are at work in the planting of new seeds right across our Australian Church and it is remarkable to see Faith in Our Future become a cornerstone in that future!

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