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Parishes Welcome HSC Students and Families



Each year, Catholic Youth Parramatta (CYP) encourages Parishes across the Diocese to designate a special mass within their usual ‘weekenders’ to especially welcome Year 12 HSC students and their families.

This year the Parishes participating have jumped from 19 in 2014, to 32 in 2015.

CYP encourages the parish youth groups to:

1.      Include some prayers in their bulletin leading up to the HSC exams, and use one or both of them in the HSC Mass.

2.      Wear Year 12 leavers jerseys - Ask all parishioners to wear their past Year 12 leavers jerseys to the HSC Mass as a sign of solidarity from all the parishioners for the current HSC students (it also makes for a colourful Mass!)

3.      Pray specifically for the Year 12 students present - Include petitions for the students in your Prayer of the Faithful. At some point in the Mass, invite HSC students to stand, or come out the front, to receive a special blessing in preparation for their exams.

4.      Have a “Brain-Food BBQ” after Mass - Students do not study on prayer alone, so having a quick and simple feed after Mass with caring and generous parishioners can really lift their spirits.

5.      Give each student a “HSC survival pack”. If you can calculate approximately how many students will come to your Mass, have little care packages ready for them with items such as these in them (but get creative!):

·         A copy of the Students Prayer

·         The name of one or more parishioners who have promised to pray for them specifically throughout the HSC exam period.

·         A treat or two (little boxes of “Smarties” or “Nerds” are appropriate!)

·         Some chamomile tea bags

·         A summary of parish Reconciliation and Mass times, as well as upcoming youth group/event dates and details.

6.      Welcome team - Have your friendliest parishioners on welcoming duty at the door to make the students and their families feel completely at home in your parish.



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