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Catholic Outlook February 2015: Catholic Campus Ministry
CCM team member Esterina Elizabeth Lentini.

Originally published in Catholic Outlook February 2015

By Michael Seecy

Having only been established mid-way through 2014, the Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) at the University of Western Sydney (UWS) is a new and exciting way for students to connect, or reconnect with their Catholic faith, in a friendly environment.

The CCM aims to be a Catholic voice that will present arguments and defend views on several contemporary issues that have great potential to harm society, since a majority of our country’s future leaders will inevitably emerge from the university system.

The CCM is still growing, and for a majority of last year, it remained a dormant club but this year promises to be one of growth and solidification for the club’s core.

The ministry currently runs on Kingswood, Parramatta and Hawkesbury campuses but is looking also to expand to Bankstown and Campbelltown.

Several plans are being looked at for the year ahead including: regular Confession, possible (irregular at first) Holy Mass, club get-togethers with discussion groups, retreats, and at least one high-profile spiritual lecture to help stimulate our members, and help them grow internally.

Catholic Outlook February 2015: Catholic Campus Ministry

With WYD Krakow fast approaching, the CCM will undertake intensive fundraising in order to ensure some students from UWS join the pilgrimage, as well as providing these students with preparatory spiritual formation to help them make the most of this amazing experience.

Taking after our patron, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, we aim to achieve all of these things through the help of our Blessed Mother Mary. He was a great model for young people, and it was said by St Pope John Paul II that he was a “man of the beatitudes” and an “explosion of joy”, two things that the ministry hopes to be for the Catholic students and the wider community.

Ultimately, the existence of this new Catholic society presents one of the best opportunities for evangelisation in the Western Sydney region. With more than 40,000 students attending UWS across five campuses, and several dedicated CCM members from different Catholic backgrounds, including Dominican, Legion of Mary, Maronite and Opus Dei, this opportunity to preach the Good News is quite remarkable.

The prayers of the wider Catholic community in Sydney are paramount for the success of this ministry. Also, any support that the ministry receives is highly appreciated, and we are always looking for new members to join in the mission to help spread the word of God.

Through the will of God, many great things lie ahead for the CCM, so stay tuned for news on how the society evolves, because in a very real way this is a big part of the future of Catholicism in Sydney.

To contact the CCM email Michael  or Rev Fr Andrew Fornal OP tel 0405 200 937.

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