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Catholic Outlook July 2014: Catholic Youth Parramatta Story
James Camden and Sr Rosie Drum MGL. Photo: Virginia Knight

Originally published in Catholic Outlook July 2014

By Catholic Youth Parramatta Director James Camden

It’s with great excitement that CYP Assistant Director Sr Rosie Drum MGL and I take this opportunity to work with young people in the Diocese of Parramatta.

We’ve spent our first month travelling its length and breadth, meeting, sharing and hearing from as many young adult leaders as possible.

There’s so much for people to be proud of. We’re hearing of success, struggle, hard work, vision, capacity building, leadership, and positive renewal.

Youth groups, schools, parishes and ministries are finding themselves at all ends of the spectrum but viewing our Diocesan Pastoral Plan, Faith in our Future, as a resource for further direction and empowerment.

We see that now is the time for the Diocese to support and nurture a new generation of leadership as we grow and share in our faith and quality, ongoing formation will be the key.

As the official agency for serving youth and young adults in the Diocese, CYP is called to support, resource, and accompany parishes, schools, faith communities and leaders in their ministry to young people.

Why is this so important? Young people are not just the future of the Church but also the very present and therefore our mission is to inspire and engage as many young people as possible in the life and mission of the Catholic Church.

‘Youth ministry’ can be an active and friendly face of the Church for those who haven’t yet found their place in it. Our aim will be to liaise with, connect and form all of those working with young people so that together we can provide new and innovative ways for them to experience the ‘fullness of life’ in our Church and all that it has to offer.

Please pray for our work and the hundreds of leaders providing hope to those in our young Church.

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