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From the Faith in Our Future Blog of Pastoral Planning Office Director Daniel Ang

Since the launch of Faith in Our Future some two months ago our parishes have embraced the call to renewal with enthusiasm and determination. It has been a delight to encounter so many people full of faith and creativity who see our Pastoral Plan not merely as a guiding document but as a mission to be lived!

Our Pastoral Planning Office has been supporting communities to reflect on their pastoral realities and potential for outreach, guiding leaders in their use of the Pastoral Plan as well as learning from the ingenuity of groups and individuals who have made the vision of Faith in Our Future their own.

There is tremendous goodwill among both clergy and lay leaders to renew their community life and ministries to support growth in faith and genuine outreach to others. It takes both faith and courage to change and many groups and individuals have shown both in stepping beyond the status quo and considering fresh directions and new ways to serve the Gospel and make it present in the wider community.

We know that when people grow and flourish in their relationship to Jesus through their local parish that they become more active and involved in community life and more confident and inspired to evangelise and share Christ with others. In short, ‘disciples make disciples’ and Faith in Our Future seeks to support this endeavour.

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