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Vocations Awareness Week 2014: Fr Patrick Mara MSC


Vocations Awareness Week 2014: Fr Patrick Mara MSC

Catholic Outlook August 2014 Vocations Awareness Week

Newly ordained Missionary of the Sacred Heart Priest Patrick Mara is embarking on a pilgrimage with a difference this month, aboard a 1400cc motorbike.

The ride will be a “spiritual journey” for the priest, who is making a 4600km ride from Sydney to Darwin, where he will minister in a parish, detention centre and prison until the end of the year.

The Suzuki GSX1400 was a gift from a fellow MSC priest.

“One of our priests was an avid motorcycle rider for his whole life, but now he’s 74,” Patrick said. “He had a motorbike and he offered it to me.”

Patrick, aged 35, joined the MSCs in 2007 after a year of lay mission work in Kirabati and Fiji, which allowed him to utilise his first trade, as a plumber.

In fact, Patrick was working happily in his trade, paying a mortgage and preparing for a life of marriage and children, when he felt a strong calling from within to do something else.

“I was 24 and I wasn’t sure what that calling was exactly, so I took some time off work to give myself the space to listen,” he said.

Patrick said he was “horrified” when he realised that it was the priesthood he was being called to, so much so that he did his best to ignore it and continue on with the life he had planned and wanted.

“But the more I tried to shut it out, the stronger it got,” he said. ”It began to really weigh me down and I was left with no option but to at least give it a go.”

When he finally made the decision to try the priesthood, a weight was immediately lifted off his shoulders.

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